15 December, 2008

Rapid Fire!

Hey Everyone,

I'm on a roll! Check out my web page (updated today) and especially my House Tour on the Family and Friends page. Its a Powerpoint tour of my house here in Guatemala. Miss you all! Peace.


Kyle Brill said...

Interesting bit of trivia, I posted this last post (and this comment) while sitting in a macadamia nut tree. I have been getting some very strange looks from the people passing by below me, and I also have about 4 kids that have joined me in the tree and are looking over my shoulder.

JAHerrick said...

Hey Kyle!
Merry Christmas!
It sounds like you have pretty good internet access; me too... well, once I leave site. I'm jealous there are Mac nut trees in your area; in Panama we're all about mango and oranges. Take it easy and Happy New Year!

Joel Vertin said...

blog posting from a tree....Kyle you're ridiculous. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle
Just received your blog address from your mother. I am Sara Manifold's father.will send you some pictures from Colorado Springs.
Andy Anderson

Joel Vertin said...

you need to post another one and you need to follow me and Ben on here as well!!!