23 July, 2008

Off into the wild blue yonder

Well, I fly back to Chicago this afternoon, and I wanted to let people know that I will apparently NOT have my old cell phone when I get back to the U.S. because I left my SIM card at my site.

So, if you want me to get ahold of you, drop me an email or post on here or write on my facebook wall or something, because I also do not have your phone number. See some of you soon! Peace.


jcvertin said...

i hope you made it back to base camp safe and sound buddy! It was nice chatting with ya. Take care.

Christopher said...

I hope you had a good visit home, and all the travel, there and back, went well. As awful as living in the clouds sounds, I think I'd like to try it some day, if only for a day ;)

Hey, guess what! I'm trying to learn Spanish! When you get back to Tech we'll have to have a spanish chat session, maybe I'll be half way decent by then. Take care :)