03 March, 2008

Just for fun

Just for fun:

American things in Guatemala that make me happy:

  • Wendy’s, specifically the Baconator and Frosty. When I had a frosty about 2 weeks ago, I literally let out a moan of delight when the lovely chocolate concoction began falling out of the machine.
  • Waffles at the waffle house. What a beautiful idea, to put a waffle house in Guatemala.
  • Wrestling T-Shirts. 2 months ago I didn’t know who John Cena was. Now I am looking everywhere for a shirt with his picture on it.
  • My mustache and long hair. Yes, I am sporting a blonde, dirty looking, mustache. It is disgusting, but we (the other Environmental Education Trainees from my cycle and I) have decided to celebrate Mustache March. It is actually probably the only time in my life where a mustache will make me more professionally credible than less.
  • I also love riding in the back of pickup trucks.

P.S. My host mom can beat up your dad.



Courtney Bruntz said...

yeah waffle house!!

You should take pics of the dirty mustache :)


randy said...

brill, good to see you're embrassing your inner ugly mustache desires

Bry said...

FOOL!!! It's Mustache MAY, not MARCH!!! Did Dunk and I teach you nothing?!?!?!? Everybod know it's Manipulation March, like trying to get people/things/animals to do what you want, like give you food because you didn't save enough for winter. Though I guess since you're on the other side of the world and you're a government official there's probably some paper work you could fill out to make your mustache leagal.

PS. Any time after 7:30 p arizona time works for me

jcvertin said...

waffle house is great, i'm jealous. i hope your mustache doesn't make you look like justin foley. :) i expect to see pictures. stay class san diego.

Kyle Brill said...

I am obligated to post that I am not a government official nor do I have any working relationship with the U.S. Embassy or mission in Guatemala.

jcvertin said...

happy first day of spring break. :) I hope all is well in your section of the world. take care buddy!