20 November, 2007

November, 2007

Hello and welcome to my "blog," I am glad you found your way here. The first time I heard about these things I have to admit that I saw them as slightly narcissistic and a bad way to waste time. But, like such other technological wonders of the modern world like instant messaging, cell phones, and most recently facebook about which I had initial misgivings (and made various sarcastic comments), I have evidently fallen from my ivory tower of technological innocence and succumb to the temptations of communication expediency. Such is life I guess, and progress marches on dragging me along in its train.

I wanted to start this out with one entry while I am still in the states for two reasons. First and foremost as a kind of introduction to what this is and how it will work. In short, I am going to be posting personal updates on how and what I am doing during my time in Guatemala as a Peace Corps trainee and (hopefully) a volunteer. I am doing this rather than a mass e-mail in order to be able to post pictures and ramble on without worrying about filling up space in people's email accounts, and also to be a less intrusive way of keeping people up to date on things. My second reason for writing early is to make sure that I know how the heck this thing is supposed to work with a fast internet connection and to figure out ways to keep it going with limited internet connection.

The only fear I have about doing this is that someone who would get an email from me yammering on and might normally get the urge to yammer back a bit wouldn't, so I do want people to post "comments" (whatever those are) and/or e-mail me back. If you know more about what is going on in my life than I do about what is going on in your's, you are a stalker, so stop being creepy and send me a few lines.

So yeah, I guess that is all. I am told that there is a way to subscribe to this, so it sends little notices to you whenever I post an update, or you can just check it out if you're ever thinking to yourself, "I'm bored... I wonder what that weirdo Kyle has been up to lately." Whatever you do, keep in touch.


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